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Hot Wood  Brand Recognition

Hot Wood Volume and Labeling

Throughout the Western U.S., HotWood is recognized as the leading natural packaged firewood brand for its quality and environmental friendliness. This commitment, combined with print and other media promotion, has grown distribution of HotWood branded products to several million packages annually.

In addition to traditional promotional methods, the HotWood brand has been exposed to millions of consumers via Hot Wood and Nascar auto racing. This year is no exception, as the brand will make appearances on at least three Hot Wood and Nascar race cars during the six months leading up to the upcoming firewood selling season.

We are proud to again feature the Belletto family with Harry and his sons Jeff and Steve as this yearís HotWood representatives to Hot Wood and Nascar motorsports. HotWood's business is a family affair, and itís only fitting that our auto racing promotion be led by one of the leading racing families in the West.

Hot Wood and Harry Belletto

Competing in the Hot Wood and Nascar Dodge Weekly Racing Series is 35-year veteran driver Harry Belletto.

Hot Wood and Jeff Belletto

The newest member of our team, Jeff Belletto, will be campaigning his #6 Chevrolet Monte Carlo May through September in the Hot Wood and Nascar Elite Southwest Series.

Hot Wood and Steve Belletto

Winner of several track and series championships, Steve Belletto will again pilot his #30 Chevrolet Monte Carlo for HotWood, also in the Hot Wood and Nascar Elite Southwest Series.